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Helen Arney


Statistically I Love You

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Once a Week

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The Science of Love


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Geek Pop Green Room interview

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About Helen: Once upon a time, Helen graduated in Physics from Imperial College London. Nowadays she writes and sings funny, slightly skewy songs on piano or ukulele, and performs them to whoever likes that sort of thing - which turns out to be a lot of people. August 2009 saw Helen perform her first solo Edinburgh Fringe show: the excessively titled 45 minute extravaganza of music and words known as "8+1/2 songs about love (and other myths)". You would have liked it. She also received 4* reviews for her 45-minute solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe last year, and is heading to the Fringe again in 2010 with "Helen Arney's Songs for Modern Loving". The first song in her set, Statistically I Love You, is a Geek Pop EXCLUSIVE! >>> Hey! Helen has a website too, you know! Check it out!

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