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About Helen: Combining two of Canada’s main exports, comedy and natural resources, Mike Wood is a comedian with a degree in mine engineering. He has been making people laugh for money since 1994. From 1996 to 2003, comedy put food on the table and paid for an engineering degree. Mike Wood’s comedy and engineering careers are now themselves part of a clever balancing act that may someday pave the way for home ownership. In cabbage-catapulting circles, Mike Wood is as close as it gets to planetary mega-celebrity. His unique celebrity, combined with the specific technical knowledge afforded by his engineering background, mean that Mike Wood knows exactly what it takes to separate pure copper from a lump of djurleite, and then catapult a cabbage in celebration. Mike Wood loves dolphins, the laughter (and only the laughter) of children, and the music of Rush. >>> All manner of Mike Wood e-paraphernalia (including details of live dates) can be found online here.

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