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Flash Darwin: Ep 5

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About The Missing, Inc.: The Missing, Inc. has been performing comedy since 2002. Their current live show, The Beagle Has Landed! is a wildly inaccurate account of Darwin’s five-year voyage aboard HMS Beagle, something that Darwin himself described as “by far the most important event of my life and determined my whole career”. Beagle has been seen at theatres, museums and festivals around the UK, including this year at the Shrewsbury Darwin Festival and the Leicester Comedy Festival. In 2010, Beagle can be seen at the Wrexham Science Festival in July and the British Science Festival in September. Or catch The Missing, Inc. on 23 July at the Natural History Museum, London with Natural Hysteria: The Comedy Quiz Show. The Missing, Inc.'s musical contributions to Geek Pop, recorded exclusively for the festival, are 'Emma' (all about Darwin’s love for his cousin), 'Evolution Blues' (blues, evolution, you get the picture) and 'Would You Adam and Eve It' (a dangerously catchy number used as the finale to The Beagle Has Landed!). But there are also bonus tracks! A few years back, The Missing, Inc. adapted the second half of Beagle for BBC radio. These short episodes of 'Flash Darwin: King of the Monkey Men!' haven't been heard since their broadcast, and are another exclusive for Geek Pop '10. >>> Drop by The Missing, Inc.'s website to find out if The Beagle is landing near you any time soon.

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