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About CraftLass: CraftLass is Kassy Tamanini, a life-long geek and tomboy, with a perspective on life that she says has always been a "bit different". She calls herself “a renaissance man trapped in the body of a modern woman” and believes that art and science are not mutually exclusive, but go hand-in-hand. After attending college for audio engineering and working in many areas of the music business she found she had a whole lot to say for herself, so the obvious way to do that was through her own music. Now, with a repertoire of about 35 songs, she is ready to unleash her work on the public, beginning with the very-new single “Bake Sale for NASA”, which has quickly become popular among space fans and those who didn’t realise they were space fans until hearing it. The rest of her Geek Pop '10 set was written and recorded for EXCLUSIVE first release at the festival and is soon to feature on EP. >>> There's a whole website full of all things CraftLass - hoorah!

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