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Johnny & the Chemists

Neutron Star

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Crashlander (coda)

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About the band: Johnny & the Chemists have made a few songs about science and mathematics, including a love song that delightfully rhymes "calculate it" with extrapolate it". Confusingly, Johnny & the Chemists is actually just one man, Johnny Drain, and a guitar, although he works closely with Natalie Kay-Thatcher, an illustrator who also makes rather lovely videos. 'Neutron Star', which was specially written and recorded as an EXCLUSIVE for the 2010 festival, was inspired by listening to Dr Stu & the Neutron Stars' Geek Pop '09 masterpiece - about neutron stars - although the result is surprisingly different. Originally a standalone track, it has since gained a coda in 'Crashlander', based on the science fiction works of Larry Niven. >>> Johnny & the Chemists can be found on MySpace, round about here.

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