jonny berliner

Jonny Berliner

GEEK POP '10 Appearing at Geek Pop Live in Bristol This video contains naughty words!:

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Geek Pop Green Room interview (backstage before Bristol Live, 11 March)

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About Jonny: Jonny Berliner's claim to fame (among other things) is that he was part of the inspiration behind Geek Pop. In 2008, he kindly offered to record a new version of his track 'Dark Matter' - originally aired on the Guardian's science podcast as part of a stint as its resident science troubadour - for the online science magazine Null Hypothesis. A few weeks later, this track became one of just nine that made up the very first, very small virtual festival that took place on the website. And this year, he's back to headline the very first Geek Pop live gig. Jonny has other important credits to his name, including having recorded several albums, written and composed some stage musicals, and appeared on BBC TV. Obviously, though, these pale in comparison to his contributions to Geek Pop.  >>> Jonny's website is rather lovely. And you can buy his EP of six science songs at iTunes for a very reasonable price.

Video by Molehill Media

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