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Rebel Cry


About the band: Sci-Fried was formed in early 2008 by Chuck Silver and Jim Frederick out of a love for Science Fiction and Rock music, bringing life to the new and exciting concept of “geek rock”. They began writing parodies of popular songs with the flavour of their favorite movies and TV shows. Dr. Vern and KSV soon added their vocal abilities, bringing the true vision of Sci-fried to life. When Sunni Simmons came in on bass and Mike Folk on rhythm guitar, the evolution of Sci-Fried into its present day Force was complete. Word spread and people wanted to hear more. A demo CD came into being and the band were soon finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for more. Soon after, Sci-Fried found themselves in the studio working on two separate projects: a brand new, all-parody album Ramming Speed and a debut all-original album Geeks Unite, from which their Geek Pop set is taken. 'Rebel Cry' is a rocking track about Star Wars and 'Level, UP!' is about video gaming. With the release of these CDs comes TOUR 2010: The Year We Make Con-Tact. Sci-Fried will be performing live at multiple conventions in 2010, bringing their music to sci-fi/fantasy/horror/rock fans. Sci-Fried does not see Harry Potter fans or Star Wars guys, comic book geeks or Star Trek nerds. They see Geek Nation; an enormous group of multi-talented fans that account for box-office billions and shape the landscape of television, film and the internet. "We see people who share our love and passion. We are them and we are ALL Sci-Fried!". >>> Check out Sci-Fried's website or their MySpace page for more of their geeky goodness.

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