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Fri 19 Mar, 7.30-9.30pm, Powers of Ten: Science Oratorio Appearing live in Teignmouth on 19 Mar

Concert by the Teignmouth and Ivybridge Community Choirs

Tickets £5 from the Carlton Box Office and Teignmouth Tourist Information Centre, Teignmouth, UK

About Powers of Ten: Powers of Ten is composer and songwriter David Haine's science oratorio about the universe at many different scales of magnitude. It was first performed in Devon in 1999 and made it all the way to Massachusetts in 2008. David has found inspiration for his songs from his love of science for around 25 years. Many of  his music theatre works, such as "Granny Galactica" and "The Chronovirus", have scientific themes. His other science oratorio is "Darwin Songs - the science of life and evolution". >>> Check out more of David's work at Singtastic.

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