fourwave mixing

Fourwave Mixing

What Does Nonlinear Mean?

Peltier Cooling

Is it Inhabited?

About Fourwave Mixing: As an intrepid physicist and composer abroad, Riz Khan became the co-founder of the Zurich-based netlabel Nonlinear Recordings whilst performing optical experiments in a dark underground laboratory. He engaged in several collaborations spanning the realms of agit-rock, smooth ambience and bop-pop. Having returned to his native UK, he continues his work under different guises. His solo outfit, Fourwave Mixing, concentrates on central themes of bleeps, blips and chi-2 effects, combining elements of electronics and optics. Riz's 'Peltier Cooling' is an ode to annoying technicians, and a top hit at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, whilst 'Is it Inhabited?' is a space opera to the robotised sounds of Archibald's MacLeish's essay 'Riders on the Earth'. >>> Fourwave mixing can also be found on MySpace, right about here.

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