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Really Tall People


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About the band: Intercontinental Music Lab are fast becoming Geek Pop regulars. With their unique approach to the artistic process - members of the band are spread across the globe and for each album swap music and lyrics to create songs around a particular theme - they are truly a virtual band, in keeping with the virtual nature of our festival. Their second album 'Superheroes of Science', was made up of songs about real and fictional scientists. And science continues to be a source of inspiration. Since starring at the Tesla Tent in 2009, IML have recorded two new albums, one about space and another intriguingly entitled 'Ancient Greeks & Circus Freaks', which features 'Really Tall People', about a man with an overactive pituitary gland. >>> Check out IML's many and various-themed albums at their stupendous website, here.

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*** Late Night Geek Out *** Some of IML's set is part of Late Night Geek Out at the Tesla Tent.

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