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Weird Gear's Geek Pop '10 set was recorded live and EXCLUSIVE for Geek Pop - watch in three parts. You can also listen to tracks individually below or as part of Late Night Geek Out at the Tesla Tent.
[part 1]

[part 2]

[part 3]


The Longest Word I Know




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About the band: A fully live electronic band, Weird Gear use only elderly analogue synthesisers (mainly from between 1973-1985), drum machines and efx pedals. They employ elementary mathematical and scientific principles to create their work - with a view to create an almost computerised music sound totally without the use of computers. And in case anyone else fancies a go at this sort of thang, here are all the nerdy techy details of what went into making their Geek Pop '10 set:

Leeetle starKeyboards: Siel Orchestra 2 | Casio CZ-3000 | Korg MS-10 | Korg Microkorg | Korg MiniKorg 700S | Roland Juno 6

Leeetle starDrum Machine: Boss DR-202 Groovebox

Leeetle starOther Items and Effects: Sennheiser E845 Microphones | Arion Stereo Phaser SPH-1 Pedal | Electro Harmonix Small Clone Pedal | DAP Stage Cube SC-12 | Soundstone Phaser Effects Box | Boss RE-1000 Multi Echo Reverb Unit | Boss RCL-10 Compressor Limiter Unit | Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire audio interface / mixing desk | Boss RBF-10 Flanger | and a lot of cables / power supplies / adaptors

Leeetle starThis was all recorded to Sony MiniDISC recorder and then converted to MP3 via Creative Wavelabs and edited onto the video images

>>> There's plenty more from Weird Gear on their MySpace page.

*** Late Night Geek Out *** This set is part of Late Night Geek Out at the Tesla Tent.

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