great big science gig

Great Big Science Gig

Supertextual Energy Blues

Click to watch video for Supertextual Energy Blues

Spud Love (Root Tuber)

Click to watch video for Root Tuber

About the band: Geek Pop's first Australian band, Great Big Science Gig takes recent scientific research and important scientific phenomena as the basis for shows combining music, experiments and comedy. Their songs have exposed air showers, looked for lost bees and revealed the cyber nose. They have fallen in love with spuds, celebrated crocodile immunity, taken on the world's energy crisis and searched for the island of stability... and they’re not done yet. GBSG's repertoire is stunningly eclectic, spanning grunge, rock, crooner, acoustic ballad, soul and blues. 'Supertextual Energy Blues', airing EXCLUSIVELY at Geek Pop '10, grew out of GBSG trying to make sense of the world's continuing struggles with climate change, energy supply and environmental issues more generally. 'Spud Love (Root Tuber)' was written in 2008 to coincide with the UN's International Year of the Potato. You can watch the video here. >>> More from Great Big Science Gig at their MySpace page.

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