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About Lamar: Utah-based Lamar Holley played many sold-out shows to imaginary audiences in his basement bedroom, where he spent most of his adolescent time writing and recording songs. Starting with drums, the 16 year old wannabe rock star played all instruments on his first album, Bedlam. After high school, Lamar recorded his first concept album, containing songs created entirely during improv - a critical ingredient for his songwriting. Stylistically, he borrowed from his favorites of the sixties and nineties, including the Beach Boys, the Beatles, XTC, and Jellyfish. Lamar Holley's first mainstream record is a "pop-musical". Confessions of a College Student sounds like it's sung by a character in a 1960s radio-musical (if there ever was such a thing), as listeners follow the ups and downs of infatuation, rejection, and retrospect. He confesses autobiographical experiences and honest outlooks that most would be too embarrassed to admit. By allowing audiences to laugh at him, Lamar Holley has given us the rare opportunity to laugh at ourselves. >>> You can buy the whole album at Lamar's website.

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