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GEEK POP '10 Appearing at Geek Pop Live in Bristol This video contains naughty words!:

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You may know Oort Kuiper better as Jon Chase, the YouTube star whose 'Astrobiology Rap' gained him international recognition. A science communicator, Jon has a background in aerospace engineering and science & science fiction. He is involved in public outreach projects within the UK and current work involves the use of rap music and multimedia to broaden public access to scientific knowledge and culture. He has performed at the London Science Museum and The Royal Society as well as visiting schools to engage children with science through music. Jon's raps are also featured in the television series ‘Space Hoppers’, due to air in 2010 on Children’s BBC.

Phatmattbaker, aka Matt Baker, is a DPhil student at Oxford University studying biophysics. He was a finalist in last year's FameLab - a competition to find the top 10 new science presenters in the UK. In the final, he performed a spoken word piece about food poisoning, which involved saying accusingly at a kebab: "dirty, dirty, dirty doner..." He has since performed poetry and rap at Green Man Festival and the Cheltenham Literature Festival, and will be joining forces with Oort Kuiper on 11 March for a freestyle science rap jam session at the Bristol live launch of Geek Pop '10.

>>> You can check out Phatmattbaker's website for details of other gigs.

Image: Phatmattbaker

Video by Molehill Media

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