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ABOUT WEIRD GEAR: WeirdGear are three affable chaps from Essex, UK who use classic analogue synthesisers, effects pedals and drum machines to make music. WeirdGear perform COMPLETELY LIVE - with no backing trax, MIDI or sequencers. Paul, Lee and Paul use equipment which is known to be the envy of analogue electronic geeks. The first of their Geek Pop 2011 tracks, 'Black7', centres on the evil supercomputer Black7 and the Sonic Warriors attempts to rescue the planet from the clutches of this malevolent entity. The radio edit for 'Black 7' will be available later this year as a single release from the band. 'WALS | What a Lovely Sound' - made in a single take in the studio - is influenced by bands such as AIR, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. 'Points' is based on kinetic energy and momentum. The live instrumental version of an upcoming single release is currently being recorded.

All video editing and original band footage by Nic Stock. Original film footage for 'Black 7' and 'Points' from Beijing, Shanghai and Southend-on-Sea. Original film footage for 'WALS | What a Lovely Sound' from a Goan market bazaar.

Weird Gear's homepage | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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