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About the band: Karmadillo describe themselves as Divine Comedy meets Noah and the Whale. They are officially a four piece but sometimes play acoustically as a duo and, when vocalist/bioinformatician Rishi hasn’t showered, solo. Rishi's song about Arabidopsis thaliana was written for the University of Cambridge's Plant Sciences group Christmas revue, but was never recorded... until now... All the songs in Karmadillo's set air EXCLUSIVELY for the first time at Geek Pop. >>> See the official Karmadillo website for upcoming gigs, even nerdier photos and teatowels.

Get a VIP pass*** VIPs *** For Karmadillo fans, there's also a little something extra from the band in our festival VIP area - here's how you can get your hands on a virtual VIP pass and loads of extra content.

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