roadside poppies

Roadside Poppies

In the Blink of an Eye

Ausgabe Drei

How I Met Your Mum

About the band: Roadside Poppies is an indie-pop band with members from Cambridge, Copenhagen and CERN - a physicist, a chemist and a couple of biologists and computer scientists. They play pop songs with clever lyrics, jangly guitars and occasionally tuneful vocals. Their songs contain profound thoughts about the mystery that is life, filtered through the brains of folk who, on average, hate mayonnaise. 'In The Blink of an Eye' is about the science of seeing, currently in demo form, but soon to be a jangle-pop soul stomper. 'Ausgabe Drei' (Window Three) was written by physicist Greg Field, and recorded by a group of CERN scientists. It wistfully recalls the horror and the wonder of eating in the Deutsches Elektron Synchrotron canteen in Hamburg while the HERA particle physics experiment was running. Window Three was for vegetarian food, which at least avoided head and skin. (Some more notes on all that can be found here). 'How I Met Your Mum' is a song about the Universe by the band's resident particle physicist. >>> Find Roadside Poppies on MySpace here or check out their lovely website...

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