baba brinkman

Baba Brinkman

Off That (Rationalist Anthem) This song contains some naughty words!

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I'm a African

Survival of the Fittest



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About Baba: Baba Brinkman is a Canadian actor and rap artist best known for his hip-hop theatre shows The Rap Canterbury Tales and The Rap Guide to Evolution. Mixing virtuoso lyricism with well-researched literature and science content, Baba has performed his award-winning shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and around the world. In addition to being a scholar and an MC, he is also an outdoorsman who worked for ten years planting trees in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, personally sowing more than one million seedlings. During Geek Pop 2010 he will simultaneously be in Australia performing his Rap Guide to Evolution show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The first track in his set, 'Off That' is an EXCLUSIVE recorded for release at Geek Pop '10. The awesome accompanying video is the work of video artist Tommy Nagle, with images courtesy of New Humanist magazine. >>> You can read Baba's blogs and downloads his Rap Guide to Evolution at his website.

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