Geek Pop 2011

Hello and welcome to the Geek Pop 2011 virtual festival!

Geek Pop 2011 Festival Go to the Tetrahedron Go to the Tesla Tent Go to the Reproductive Stage Go to the Geek Pop Shop Go to the Green Room Go to the Comical FlaskDerek

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Extracts from the festival diary Geek merchandise Special VIP access Geek Like Me mini-album

Geek Pop barometer

Festival forecast: dry throughout, absolutely no chance of rain, expect frequent geeky spells, beware of dragon fire

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Graphic ScienceBritish Science AssociationSounds of Science

Thanks to our sponsors and to Naomi Fearn for her amazing stages. If you've downloaded tracks from this year's festival, please consider donating whatever you can afford to support our science-inspired new music fund. Thank you!

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