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ABOUT AMATEUR TRANSPLANTS: As one of a select number of acts to have played three Geek Pops, Amateur Transplants occupy a special place in the history of the festival. After appearing at The Tetrahedron in 2008 and 2009, we asked them to kick off this year's festival with a live performance at the Geek Pop launch party. The Transplants are Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, two qualified doctors who write funny songs, including nerdy ones about medical exams, drugs and nasty diseases. They play gigs all over the UK and have received high praise from geek personalities including Stephen Fry ("This made me very, very happy") and Tim Minchin. 'The Anaesthetist's Hymn' was their first Geek Pop contribution in 2008, but we'll have footage from the 2011 launch event very soon.

Amateur Transplants' homepage | At Geek Pop 2009

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