On this page, we explain how to download all the lovely tracks made by Geek Pop artists for the Geek Pop 2011 festival. There are 40 free tracks! Ace, huh? [EDIT 25/04/11: For over 100 more free tracks from previous festivals and podcasts, head to the music page on our new site here.] Happy downloading!


This year, there are also a small number of tracks on an official (paid-for) Geek Pop release called:

Geek Like Me

6 track digital mini-album containing bonus songs from the 2011 Geek Pop festival. Handmade by geeks, for geeks. Preview on the right.

Original artwork by Tom Humberstone.

BUY NOW £4 (or more) from Bandcamp

Limited edited physical copies £6

Geek Pop will donate a third of the profits from this release to a commissioning fund for new science-inspired music.


Roam around the festival site by clicking on the virtual stages and links to artists. On every artist's page you'll find a music player for online listening. If you like what you hear, simply click on the download arrow or "free tracks" to download a zip folder of that artist's songs. If you see * next to a song, that means it's part of the Geek Like Me mini-album. You can still listen online, but you'll need to head to Bandcamp to buy a digital download or limited edition physical copy.

The Orientation Device

<--- That there is the Orientation Device. Wherever you are on the festival site, it will take you back to the main map so you can hunt for more Geek Pop artists and free tracks at another stage. Yep, it's basically a teleporter.

If you do download free tracks, please consider donating whatever you can afford to our fund for commissioning new science-inspired music.


What do I do with a "zip" file?

Extract the files from it and move them to your iTunes folders, or wherever you want to listen to them. Everything you need to know about zip files is here.

Can I use one of the tracks on my blog/website/podcast/radio show?

Probably. But please ask us. Even if tracks are free, many are exclusive to Geek Pop and artists will want to know if you are using them somewhere else. We can put in a request on your behalf and make sure that nobody gets annoyed. :)

I didn't have to pay for any tracks last year... why do I have to pay now?

You can still listen to everything for free on the website. But we wanted to start a fund for commissioning new music, so this year we decided to charge a small amount to download a few bonus songs as part of a Geek Pop mini-album release. It was all Helen Arney's idea, and we think it's a jolly good one!

Why can't I download the free songs via Bandcamp as well?

Because Bandcamp starts charging our fans for tracks once we have given away more than 200 free downloads a month. We want to be able to give away as many free tracks as we possibly can during the launch week, and we can only currently do that via our own website.

Can I donate even if I only listen online?

Hell, yes! Just use PayPal as above.

I don't have a PayPal. Do I have to get one to make a donation?

No, you can use your card. See "Don't have a PayPal account?", bottom left on the PayPal payment page.

Noooooo! I missed the live launch gig! Will you be making MP3s/videos/whatever available online?

Maybe. It depends. Some of it might go in our virtual VIP room, so make sure you're signed up for Geek Pop updates to receive a virtual VIP pass.

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