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ABOUT KARMADILLO: Karmadillo mix the beautiful sound of the South American charango with quirky songs and heartfelt ballads. Fronted by Rishi Nag, Cambridge-based Karmadillo were once invited by the major to play at the Museum of Zoology. They return for their second year at Geek Pop this year and have produced two new tracks especially for the occasion - including one for the mini-album release Geek Like Me. 'Radio Gagarin' was written to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space, while Arsenic Baby explores a more contemporary science story. The third track in Karmadillo's set is about Gregor Mendel's work on plant breeding, and contains the brilliantly conceived lyric "they gave the peas a chance". If you don't have a clue why that's funny, go to Wikipedia.

Geek Like Me

*Available to download on the Geek Like Me mini-album.

Geek Pop will donate a third of the profits from this release to a fund for new science-inspired music.

Karmadillo's homepage | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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