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ABOUT LÅRS & MARÏSE: A pan-Scandinavian musical duo. Lårs is a recovering Nurofen-Plus addict and mathematician, plays 14.3 instruments and barely sings. Marïse, the grand-daughter of physicist Stig Lundquist, and inventor of Reiki-do – a contactless marshal-art - completely sings. Together they are Lårs & Marïse, together it’s magic, together they are one. Apart they are just halves of themselves. Which makes mathematical and love sense. 'Just One Night' is the result of seven years' work by Låars constructing the formula for the perfect Eurovision song. Countless hours of research were spent analyzing the harmony, melody, rhythm, instrumentation and lyrics of 1000s of Eurovision entries. Lårs secret formula produced the epically average 'Just One Night'. Which made it to the finals of the 2006 Eurovision song contest in Oslo. Tragically, the nerves got to Låars and just as they were called to the stage, Marïse found him unconscious having snorted 12 Lemsip Max sachets. Musicologist Dr. Milton Mermikides analyses the tune here. 'Phibonacci Nova' is Marïse's ode to her third favourite number sequence. Marïse fasted for a week before recording this amazing track – occasionally nibbling on chocolate biscuits "for the taste only". The full length version is Scandinavia’s second longest song at 14 weeks and 3 days.

More from Dr Mermikides | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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