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ABOUT TONY BROWN: Tony Brown is carbon-based and from Stockport in Cheshire. The inspiration for his one-track, 13-minute mini-concept album Commander Carpenter and his flying machine (part 3) came from an original track called 'Scott's Fireflies', which now makes up the first part of the album.

(i) Scott’s fireflies (discovery)

(ii) “I can see individual fields” (drifting)

(iii) “Real tight on fuel, Gus” (re-entry)

(iv) A little black fish, as friendly as can be (floating)

Scott Carpenter was the pilot for Aurora Seven (officially Mercury-Atlas 7, or MA-7), the second American spaceship to orbit the Earth. The mission communications excerpts used are courtesy of NASA. The full transcript of the flight can be found here.

Tony Brown's homepage | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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