Dr Martin Austwick

Dr Martin Austwick

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ABOUT DR MARTIN AUSTWICK: Martin Austwick is the man, the quantum physicist, the musician that is The Sound of The Ladies. You may recognise him from last year's Geek Pop, where he gave us songs about space from his aptly titled Songs About Space EP. The Sound of the Ladies' first full-length album, We Went to the Bottom of the Ocean, was also released in 2010. But Martin returns to Geek Pop this year as Dr Martin Austwick, joined by Will Elsdale and James Footner, to play songs from his new science-based album 'Songs from the Scientific Cabaret'. It's so geeky it even comes with its own scientific paper demonstrating "how a once-credible physicist and obscure musician combined his only two discernible skills to become a non-credible, still obscure musical physicist". The band's contribution to the Geek Like Me mini-album is 'The Day of the Snail', recorded in Martin's private studio (living room) in the run-up to Geek Pop. You get a free HD video download of this performance when you buy the mini-album.

Geek Like Me

*Available to download on the Geek Like Me mini-album.

Geek Pop will donate a third of the profits from this release to a fund for new science-inspired music.

Martin's homepage | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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