Naomi Fearn

Naomi Fearn

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ABOUT NAOMI FEARN: Naomi lives in Berlin where she draws a weekly comic strip for the Stuttgarter Zeitung, illustrates books and hangs around comedy stages performing songs and nerdy Burlesque. If you can read German, check out her comic at Naomi was the winner of the first ever Geek Pop songwriting competition in 2010, with her song UnGoogle-able, which she has performed live at Kim Eustice's English Comedy Night (see the video). After realising she had more than one geek talent, we asked her to design this year's festival map. Happily, she obliged and you can see results for yourselves - imagine how excited we were when we realised Naomi had incorporated a unicorn, a dragon and NINJAS. Ace.

Naomi's homepage | Lyrics available at Bandcamp

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