the green room

The Green Room

The Green Room is where we catch up with our artists before they head off to play their Geek Pop gigs. An apology though: conditions in the Green Room are unpredictable... sometimes it's peaceful and serene, other times it sounds like a noisy pub*, and occasionally we have to do things by cyber link-up...

Amateur Transplants

[play as pop-up] [from the Geek Pop 2011 launch]

Dr Martin Austwick

[play as pop-up] [go to Dr Martin's gig]

MJ Hibbett & Vom Vorton

[play as pop-up] [go to Mark or Vom's gigs]

Steve Mould

[play as pop-up] [from the Geek Pop 2011 launch]


[play as pop-up] [go to Wolfington's gig]

Naomi Fearn

[play as pop-up] [go to Naomi's gig]
More interviews on the way during launch week

The Orientation Device

*Of course, that's a complete coincidence.

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